group photo of CIDER 2019 summer program participants at UC Berkeley campus with Campanile in background

CIDER 2023 Summer Program: Causes and consequences of fluid and magma transport at plate boundaries

The CIDER 2023 summer program is funded by the NSF GeoPRISMS program to explore the causes and consequences of fluid and magma transport at plate boundaries. Lectures and tutorials are organized around three research themes: (1) role of aqueous fluid on fault interfaces at subduction zones and ridges; (2) magma production rates and tectonic interactions at subduction zones and ridges; (3) magma transport from the source to the crust. The goal is to synthesize past scientific results and to look forward to future research initiatives.

CIDER's collaborative and interdisciplinary nature provides an ideal venue to introduce students and postdocs to exciting research challenges in the study of plate boundary processes. The Program brings together scientists at all stages of their careers and from across all disciplines to identify important research questions that can be advanced through interdisciplinary collaboration.


diagram illustrating shallow dynamics












                                                                                                                                 Illustration: Magali Billen


Like previous CIDER summer programs, the four-week program (June 19-July 14) is open to advanced graduate students and post-docs, as well as senior participants. The first two weeks are devoted to lectures and tutorials. The second two weeks are used to initiate collaborative group research projects.


Travel and on-site expenses are provided to those senior participants that stay for two weeks or longer and to grad students/post-docs that commit for the 4 weeks of the lecture tutorial program. We cannot provide support for travel from outside of the US. However, on-site support for foreign participants (senior or junior) accepted to the program is provided.


This summer program will be held on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley.

CIDER Leadership

  • Bruce Buffett           UC Berkeley, CIDER PI
  • Rachel Kowalik       UC Berkeley, CIDER Event Planner


  • Magali Billen           University of California, Davis
  • Jeff Freymueller      Michigan State University
  • Greg Hirth               Brown University
  • Terry Plank              Columbia University
  • Jessica Warren       University of Delaware

Confirmed Lecturers

  • Geoff Abers             Cornell University
  • Alexis Ault                Utah State University
  • Roland Bürgmann    UC Berkeley
  • Eric Dunham            Stanford University
  • Tobias Fischer          University of New Mexico
  • Donald Fisher          Penn State University
  • Matt Gleeson           UC Berkeley
  • Tarsilo Girona          Univ of Alaska, Fairbanks
  • Mong-Han Huang    University of Maryland
  • Richard Katz            Oxford
  • Katherine Kelley      Univ of Rhode Island
  • Kathryn Materna      USGS
  • Michelle Muth          Smithsonian Institution
  • Samer Naif              Georgia Tech
  • John Naliboff           New Mexico Tech
  • Ayla Pamukcu         Stanford University
  • Matej Pec                 MIT
  • Diana Roman          Carnegie Institution for Science
  • Joyce Shi Sim         Georgia Tech
  • Tom Sisson             USGS
  • Penny Wieser         UC Berkeley