CIDER 2018 pre-AGU Workshop

The CIDER-II Synthesis Center proposal to the NSF/FESD program has been funded for 5 years starting in summer 2012. We are continuing the summer programs, which are now held every year, alternating "deep" and "shallow" earth themes. We are continuing other activities, among them support for multi-disciplinary working groups on targeted topics, more sustained support for student research groups formed during the summer programs, a CIDER wiki and archival of materials assembled during the summer programs, as well as an annual one day workshop held in close to the AGU venue either right before or right after the Fall AGU meeting.

This one day workshop will serve as a kick-off for the CIDER 2019 Summer Program, on the topic of "Volcanoes" and a retrospective on past programs, in particular, the most recent 2018 summer Program

The workshop will feature 30 minute talks by 2 keynote speakers (one on themes related to the 2018 CIDER summer program and one on themes related to the 2019 CIDER summer program) as well as presentations by research groups from the 2018 and prior programs.

The workshop agenda is available here!

Keynote Speakers:

  • Rich Walker (University of Maryland): "Short-lived Radiogenic Isotope Systems Make Life Horrible/Wonderful for Geodynamicists"
  • Diana Roman (Carnegie Institute of Washington - DTM): "An Emerging View of the Volcanic Eruption Cycle"

Group Presentations:

  • Stable Heat-producing Element Enriched Provinces (SHEEP) in the lower mantle
  • SSLAMology - SSLAM morphology and entrainment
  • Onion slabs/Sediment Survival - Can a subducted sedimentary layer survive into the deep mantle? Maybe, if it is strong or thin
  • Thermochemical Evolution of Mantle Plumes Observed Spatially (TEMPOS)
  • Constraining Lower Mantle Plume Anisotropy: A Multidisciplinary Approach
  • Assessing the Structure of the Lunar Deep Interior: a Seismological and Selenophysical Perspective
  • Heat from Below

The workshop is open to all - we encourage attendance by both former CIDER junior and senior participants, and those that haven't experienced CIDER yet but would like to find out more about it.
Sorry - Registration is CLOSED.

Workshop Organizers: Bruce Buffet, Dan Frost, Barbara Romanowicz, and the CIDER ExCom.


The workshop will be held at the Broad Branch Road Campus of the Carnegie Institute of Washington, DTM in the auditorium in the Greenewalt Building

Thanks to Rick Carlson for arranging the venue


We encourage participants to arrive early and meet for lunch in the local area prior to the workshop starting.

Coffee will be provided in the break between sessions

2018 pre-AGU Workshop

Sunday, 9th of December, 2018, 1:00 pm to 5:00pm
Carnegie Institute of Washington (DTM)