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The 2004 CIDER Summer Program took place at the Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara, July 12 - Aug 06, 2004.

Information about the logistics of the Summer'04 program

This Summer Program consisted of two parts: a tutorial part (first 2 weeks) and a workshop part (last 2 weeks).

Tutorial Part: Open to graduate students that have passed their qualifying exams, as well as post-docs.

The purpose of the tutorial part was to familiarize participants with the tools of geochemistry, geodynamics, mineral physics and seismology that can be used to enravel the properties of the Earth's interior, with a focus on the general theme of the Summer Program.

Graduate students that had already passed their qualifying exams, as well as post-doc's were invited to apply to this part of the Summer Program.

check out schedule and presentations of the Tutorial Program - July 12-24, 2004

Reading list for Tutorial Program - July 12-24, 2004

List of Participants in the Tutorial Part

Download feedback from students who participated in the 2004 program

Workshop Part:

The workshop part was open to senior and junior scientists, as well as ~10 graduate students/post-docs. Unlike in most workshops, the number of talks was limited. There was a series of review talks in the mornings of the first three days - but the rest of the time was left unstructured by design. It featured a limited number of talks :some introductory ones on the 1st 3 days, progress reports from subgroups subsequently, leaving lots of time for discussion/work. The participants formed several interdisciplinary groups of 4-6 participants. The primary goal was to brainstorm on novel ways to advance the science on a set of interdisciplinary topics and initiate research in that direction. A series of original papers as well as proposals to CSEDI were outcomes of these activities. List of topics that served as initial focus for the workshop:

-1) The core-mantle boundary region: chemical/thermal interactions

-2) Scales of heterogeneity: including thermal versus chemical nature

-3) Plumes, upwellings, melting

List of participants in workshop part - July 25-Aug 6, 2004

check out formal presentations of the workshop part - July 25-Aug 6, 2004

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