2018 SUMMER CIDER PROGRAM - Travel Reimbursement

CIDER 2018 Summer Program

"Relating Geophysical and Geochemical Heterogeneity in the Deep Earth"

July 9 to August 3, 2018,
KITP, Santa Barbara (CA)

2018 SUMMER CIDER PROGRAM - Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

All CIDER 2018 Participants:

Please find the complete list of documentation that you need to submit for timely reimbursements. Please submit your forms along with the proof of payment and any other supporting documents as soon as your trip is over.

Domestic Travellers:

A) Vendor request form (if you have not yet submitted this)

-both the "Order Address" and the "Remittance Address" fields need to be completed, even if they are the same address. The remittance address is where the cheque payment will be sent via USPS and it cannot be a campus address. You can find the new vendor form here.

B) Domestic Travel Reimbursement Claim Form

C) Copy of your flight itinerary (even if you are not being reimbursed for the airfare).

Foreign Travellers:

For travelers that are neither a U.S. citizen nor a permanent resident, there are a few additional documents needed in order to get their reimbursements processed (they still need to submit the above forms). The additional documentation needed is 1-6 below, number 5 is optional. International travelers should fly with a US Flag carrier only.

  1. Passport
    • copy of passport page of photo

  2. I-94
    • for I-94 retrieval go to Department of Homeland Security's website: https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home
    • click the tab "Get the most recent I-94" and enter data...
    • tip: don't use hyphens, dashes, etc. when inputting the passport information
    • please submit a copy of your I-94 with your other documents
    • you will likely need some of the information listed on the I-94 in order to complete the other required documents

  3. COAA (Certification of Academic Activity)
    • complete attached form labeled "COAA", sign, and return with other documents
    • yes, this form is worded as though for future use, but it is used retroactively

  4. W8BEN
    • complete attached form labeled W8BEN, sign, return first 2 pages (the last few pages of the attachment are instructions on how to complete the form)

  5. Foreign Bank Authorization Form ***OPTIONAL****
    • for foreign banks only, for participants who live outside the U.S., for reimbursement to be via wire transfer, instead of physical cheque payment type in responses to attached form (form is rejected if not typed in), but the traveler must sign the bottom in ink (digital signature not accepted)

  6. International Travel Claim Form