CIDER 2017 Travel Reimbursement Information

All CIDER 2017 Participants:

All participants seeking reimbursement will need to be added to the UC Berkeley Financial system.

Please complete the Vendor Request Form as soon as possible if you wish to receive reimbursement.

Travel reimbursement Policy

Accepted domestic participants (students or senior) will be reimbursed for travel to the CIDER 2017 program according to the following policy:

West Coast Participants: up to $300.00
Middle USA Participants: up to $550.00
East Coast Participants: up to $650.00

Grad Student and Post Docs Student/post doc participants who are entitled to reimbursement, please complete the first page of the CIDER travel claim and mail with your air travel receipts to the CIDER office at McCone Hall (475 McCone Hall, UC Berkeley). Your travel reimbursement claim form can be found here.

Senior Participants Please also complete your CIDER Travel Claim Form. Those who chose off campus housing are entitled to a housing per diem of $120/day. Please include your housing receipt with your travel packet. Senior participants will also need to complete their meal per diem, found on the second page of the CIDER travel claim form.

International Participants

Visa holders should go to the links below to determine what additional documentation you will need. Links to some of the common required documents are also found below. Please be sure to include 1) A copy of your passport, the stamped portion of your passport when you entered the United States indicating your travel status OR a copy of the I-94 indicating your travel status. 2) Completion of the W8BEN (Shown below). 3) If you are on a B-1, B-2, WB, or WT travel status can you complete the the Certificate of Academic Activity (also shown below).

Information for Foreign Visitor Travel Expenses

University of California Certificate of Foreign Status for Federal Tax Withholding (UC W-8BEN)

2017 Summer Program

"Subduction Zone Dynamics"

June 19 to July 21, 2017
University of California, Berkeley

Admission results will be available by the end of March 2017