CIDER 2016 Summer Program
"Flow in the Deep Earth "

June 26 to August 5, 2016, KITP, Santa Barbara (CA)


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CIDER Summer Program 2016 Application Page
Applications are now closed - as of February 1st, 2016.
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Grad student and postdoc applicants to the tutorial part (June27 - July 23rd ) should complete the following:

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letter of recommendation.

If graduate student, what year did you start yout PhD?

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Graduate students and post-docs are expected to stay for the whole 4 weeks of the tutorial/workshop program. Indeed by the 3rd week, multi-disciplinary research groups will have formed. Weeks 3-4 will be primarily devoted to work within these research groups. We will select applicants with a priority for those who commit to stay for 4 weeks.

I agree to stay 4 weeks
I can only stay for the first 3 weeks (June 27 - July 15 )

Researchers beyond post doctoral level, including tutorial instructors, can apply for any part of the program (two weeks minimum required to claim financial support) and should complete the following:

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