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Two workshops took place in 2003.

Workshop I:

Dates: Saturday, May 24 (eve) to Thursday, May 29, 2003
Location: Marconi Center, Point Reyes, CA

The main objective of this workshop was to sollicit input for the Science Program and organization, that will be used to develop a larger proposal for the establishment of CIDER. This workshop involved 80 from 36 different Institutions and featured:

  • Invited overview talks: cross-disciplinary science inspiration for Institute
  • Demos and illustrations to highlight examples of Institute Programs:
    • Computer code demos (Seismology, Geodynamics, Mineral Physics)
    • Database illustration (e.g. geochemistry)
  • Break-out sessions to discuss:
    • Disciplinary needs
    • Cross-cutting intellectual themes
    • Institute programs and logistics, siting

View the following documents

  • The list of workshop paricipants
  • The Marconi Workshop Program
  • The Marconi Workshop Report
  • Complete or partial copies of most presentations
  • Workshop II:

    Dates: Sept 8-9, 2003
    Location: U.C. Davis, CA

    This smaller workshop involved 10 members of the CIDER Steering Committee

    The objective of this workshop was to prepare the proposal for the CIDER Institute and its programs, building upon the community input obtained in the first workshop. Focus was on management plan, implementation and budget. We also discussed the organization of the Summer '04 CIDER Program at KITP

    The goal is to submit a 4 year proposal for CIDER to NSF by January 15, 2004. The proposal is in its final stages of preparation and will be circulated around the community by mid-December 2003.

    These workshops are sponsored by NSF/EAR CSEDI Program.

    Last update: 09 November 2003.

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